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Dear Marin Sangha Members ~

The Marin Sangha Board of Directors is looking for nominees to become members of the Board. The application form will be on the back table on Sunday nights, and an electronic version is available through the link below. The application lists the qualities and qualifications we are seeking in our new directors, and an idea of the time commitment involved, as well as an invitation to join our Board Meetings for the remainder of 2017. Nominations will be accepted through September 30th, and Directors will be elected at the January Board Meeting.

In deep appreciation for all of the efforts made so that the sangha may thrive,

Linda Howerton-Pritchett
President, Marin Sangha

September 24: A Thousand Mothers

On Sunday, September 24, Marin Sangha will show a movie. A Thousand Mothers, a 39-minute documentary, is an intimate look at the refuge and opportunity that a monastic life offers girls and women at a rural Buddhist nunnery in Myanmar, even as the nation begins to undergo dramatic changes.

A Thousand Mothers is by filmmaker and long-time Sangha member Kim Shelton. For more information, please visit

The Sangha Newsletter

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The newsletter is published quarterly. The latest copy can be picked up, in print, at Sangha meetings on the back table. We also post it on the Yahoo group.

The newsletter committee welcomes submissions. Contact Bob Harlow by email at bob at harlow dot com or at Sangha on Sunday evenings. All submissions are subject to editing.

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