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Virtual Sangha

During this pandemic, we're offering Virtual Sangha via Zoom. We'll start at our normal time, 6pm, and end usually around 7:30 or 8:00.

How To Tune In

We recommend using the Zoom app. Download it here:

Here are the connection details:
Click on this link: .
If you are asked for a Meeting ID, enter 544 649 4268
If you are asked for a password, it is xyzzy.

Here is a video tutorial on using Zoom:


Dana for Teachers:
On May 31, our teacher will be Leslie Booker. To offer dana to Leslie, please follow this link for the information:

It's easy to forget dana when you don't have boxes in the back of the room, so please be as generous as comfortably possible. In case you forget, here are some of our pandemic-era Teachers. To give dana to any of these teachers, please click on their name to see the information. Donald Rothberg, Phillip Moffitt, Leslie Booker, Dawn Neal, Shaila Catherine, Roy Remer, Dawn Scott, Stephanie Noble, and Wendy Palmer.

Dana for Marin Sangha:
We still need to pay for rent, insurance, and other operational costs. We'll be paying half our usual rent to St. Luke's church during the lockdown; we want to keep a good relationship with these folks!

To offer dana to Marin Sangha, you can go to our website donation page,

If you'd rather send us a check, please mail it to

Marin Sangha
c/o Linda Howerton-Pritchett
9 Blossom Drive
San Rafael CA 94901

The Three Ways of Seeing That Bring Liberating Insight

An Online Daylong Retreat
with Donald Rothberg

Saturday, June 13, 2020
9:30am to 4:30pm
This Virtual Daylong will be held via Zoom. For information on how to connect, please pre-register. The registration link is below.

"Before long, knowledge and insight into impermanence, suffering, and emptiness will arise. This is the beginning of true wisdom, the heart of meditation, which leads to liberation. Follow your experience. See it. Strive continuously. Know the truth." -- Ajahn Chah, Thai Forest Tradition Teacher (1918-1992)

In this online daylong retreat, we will explore, through teachings, discussion, and silent meditation practice, the three fundamental modes of freeing insight in Buddhist insight meditation. With a foundation in first stabilizing our attention, we will then focus our mindfulness practice on three areas (sometimes called the "Three Characteristics" of phenomena): (1) Impermanence (anicca), (2) reactivity (dukkha, often translated as "suffering"), and (3) not-self (anatta). When we do not see these three areas clearly, the mind, emotions, and body become fixated, habitual, and reactive, leading to suffering, confusion, and a lack of the free flow of our experience. When we are more aware of these areas, we learn to deconstruct and release such fixations, habits, and reactivity, opening more to a spacious and luminous awareness, to greater compassion, responsiveness, and freedom. We will explore several practices for each of these three areas and identify ways to bring these practices into daily life (a resource packet will also be given out). The daylong retreat will include periods of silent and guided meditation, talks, and discussion, with a number of periods for breaks (or walking meditation) away from the screens.

Click to

Zoom connection information will be sent, shortly before the event, to everyone who registers.

To offer dana to Donald for this day-long, please Click Here for information.

Climate Change Daylong Retreat

A Daylong Online Retreat
with James Baraz, Donald Rothberg, and others

Saturday, August 22, 2020 - 10am-4pm

A day of reflection and tangible action to address climate change, hosted by Marin Sangha. Offered on a dana basis.

The day will include reflections on the state of the planet, traditional sitting practice with an emphasis on reflecting on our relationship to nature. Several local organizations dedicated to providing tangible actions to address climate change will give short presentations and offer resources and specific guides on what you can do to be part of the solution. Group discussion will allow us to make commitments and reflect on the best ways we can each serve for the betterment of the planet and future generations.

Details to be posted soon!

Intro to the Nine Bodies
Class with Art Jolly

June 10-July 15, 2020

The Nine Bodies are levels of consciousness that are common to all people. This introductory class will focus on the first six of the Nine Bodies. While technically not a Buddhist practice, exploring the Nine Bodies can be useful in the deepening of one's Dharma practice. I have been practicing the Nine Bodies under the guidance of Phillip Moffitt and Dana DePalma for several years, and have found this practice profound and meaningful. I am excited to be able to share this introduction with you.

No prior exposure to the Nine Bodies is required for this class though the class will be useful for those who have done Nine Bodies retreats or are familiar with Phillip Moffitt's teachings in general. We'll explore the bodies through talks and guided meditations. We will also emphasize developing useful supports for practice as well as how to work with those habits of mind that get in the way.


  • Classes will take place via Zoom
  • Classes will be 1-1/2 hours in length and will run from Wednesday, June 10 to Wednesday, July 15, from 6p-7:30p pdt
  • Each class will focus on a particular body or bodies and consist of four parts:
    1. Brief check-in regarding homework
    2. Guided meditation
    3. Short Dharma talk
    4. Discussion and Q and A
  • Homework in preparation for each class will include brief reading, personal reflection and the use of guided meditations (by Phillip and Dana) during your home practice, which will be provided.
  • The required text for this course is Awakening Through the Nine Bodies by Phillip Moffitt.
To register, send an email to The class will be limited to a maximum of 10 people.

The suggested sliding scale for this course is $120-$360. If this poses a financial challenge, please let me know.

Ways to pay:
Venmo: @ArtJolly
Zelle: Art Jolly 510-299-7909
If you want to pay by check, let me know and I can share my postal address.

About Art
Art Jolly has been practicing insight meditation for over 25 years most of that time under the guidance of Phillip Moffitt. In addition to having attended numerous retreats he also completed Spirit Rock's Dedicated Practitioners Program Community Dharma Leaders Program and Advanced Practitioners Program. In 2003 he spent five months as a monk in Burma which was a transformational experience for him. In addition to leading his own meditation group for many years he has taught at Marin Sangha East Bay Meditation Center and other groups around the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a member of the current Nine Bodies Teacher Training.

Day-long Retreat
with Sally Armstrong

Saturday, October 24, 2020
9:30am to 4:30pm

Details coming! Watch this space or, better yet, join our email list.

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