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The Buddhist Way to Happiness:
The Four Wise Efforts

Day-long Meditation Retreat
with Sally Armstrong
Saturday, May 11, 9:30am -4:30pm
At St. Luke Church, 10 Bayview Drive, San Rafael

What makes us happy? Why do we suffer? Why do we perpetuate suffering? What blocks happiness and well-being, and what perpetuates discontent, frustration and suffering? This daylong will explore what the Buddha said in answer to these important questions, and how we can integrate these into our daily lives.

This program includes silent sitting and walking meditation, Dharma talks, and interactive exercises.

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Registration is strongly encouraged to help us manage enrollment and to reserve your space.

Daylongs at Marin Sangha are offered by donation/for dana. The suggested donation for this retreat is $50-120 with no one turned away for lack of funds.

What to Bring

  • Lunch, or you can drive to a nearby restaurant or market
  • A cushion if you wish to sit on the floor. Chairs will be provided.
  • Dana for the teacher, and Dana for rent. Dating back to the time of the Buddha, an interdependence has existed between those who offer the teachings and those who receive them. Dana is deeply appreciated.

Day-long Meditation Retreat
with Phillip Moffitt

At St. Luke Church
Saturday, October 12, 9:30-4:30
Details to follow!

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