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This is a good way to get information about the Sangha. We carefully guard our list and will not allow anything to be sent except Sangha updates.

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The Marin Sangha Yahoo Group is a great way for Sangha members to communicate. This is a good place for arranging carpools, sharing information, or for discussion of our practice. This group is "hidden" from public view, so your privacy is strictly guarded. To join, email Linda Howerton: l.howerton at sbcglobal dot net (Address obscured to avoid spambots).

Contact Information

Marin Sangha is entirely run by volunteers who donate their time (and, often, their money) to keep the Sangha going. The simplest way to contact us is simply to go to the Sunday night Sangha meeting and introduce yourself to the greeter and ask who would be the right person to talk to.

If you would like to ask a question by email, send to

info at MarinSangha dot org
For suggestions or complaints, please send to the Marin Sangha Board of Directors at
board at MarinSangha dot org
(The email addresses are obscured to avoid spambots, so substitute appropriate punctuation for the words above...)

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