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Please honor the teachings and our dharma practice by observing these Sangha guidelines and traditions. Some of these are from the traditions of our Buddhist lineage, and some of them are just common sense.

  • Please turn off cell phones and pagers.
  • Please try to arrive before 6:00 p.m. and settle in quietly.
  • Please remove your shoes on entry.
  • If you arrive after 6:00 pm, please use the rear side door that opens to the courtyard.
  • Please do not wear scented products.
  • As a sign of respect for the teachings, we ask that you sit upright during the dharma talk, unless you have a physical limitation.
  • If you need to leave early, please do not leave during a meditation period.
  • Please maintain the silence except during Q&A sessions or other appropriate times.
  • Recording of any part of the class is not permitted.
  • Please don't set out or distribute leaflets, no matter how strongly you feel about the cause represented.

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