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Here are some sources of information that you might find useful.

Currently all files are in PDF format.

Race, Whiteness, and Dharma From Donald Rothberg, a list of resources on issues of race, whiteness, and Dharma.

From the Back to Basics introductory course:

Glossary A glossary of terms. Most of the words are in Pali, the language of the earliest Buddhist scriptures.
Meditation Tips A few helpful suggestions about meditation practice.
The Four Noble Truths A cheat-sheet on the Four Noble Truths
The Hindrances The Five Hindrances; things that impede the clear functioning of mind.
The Brahmaviharas A very short schematic of the Brahmaviharas, including near and far enemies.
Metta Chants Some variations on the chants used in Metta ("Loving-Kindness") practice.
Dhamma Lists A list of some of the major lists that show up so much in the Buddha's teachings.
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness A look at a key discourse in the earliest Buddhist scriptures.

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