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Here are some sources of information that you might find useful.

Currently all files are in PDF format.

Race, Whiteness, and Dharma From Donald Rothberg, a list of resources on issues of race, whiteness, and Dharma.
Guidelines From Donald Rothberg, 10 guidelines for practicing with opponents, "difficult people," and those with opposing views.

From the Back to Basics introductory course:

Glossary A glossary of terms. Most of the words are in Pali, the language of the earliest Buddhist scriptures.
Meditation Tips A few helpful suggestions about meditation practice.
The Four Noble Truths A cheat-sheet on the Four Noble Truths
The Hindrances The Five Hindrances; things that impede the clear functioning of mind.
The Brahmaviharas A very short schematic of the Brahmaviharas, including near and far enemies.
Metta Chants Some variations on the chants used in Metta ("Loving-Kindness") practice.
Dhamma Lists A list of some of the major lists that show up so much in the Buddha's teachings.
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness A look at a key discourse in the earliest Buddhist scriptures.

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