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About Marin Sangha

Marin Sangha is a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation fully compliant with federal and state law. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law for a religious organization operating as a church.

Marin Sangha Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

A diverse, mutually supportive lay community dedicated to practicing the Buddha's teachings in daily life, with the aspiration of full awakening.

Mission Statement

In the service of awakening through practice in daily life, Marin Sangha
  • Explores ways to create community through the investigation of Dhamma
  • Offers a variety of teachers, primarily but not exclusively Theravadan
  • Promotes an open, welcoming, and diverse community
  • Provides opportunities for service both to the Sangha and the greater community
  • Promotes spiritual friendship through both Dhamma and social activities
  • Fosters connection within the greater Dhamma community
  • Encourages the deepening of practice through regular meditation, Dhamma study, and residential retreat
The Sangha exists because people come together to explore and practice generosity, ethical conduct, and meditation. We welcome and rely on participation at all levels.

Officers and Board of Directors

The people below are also regular participants at Marin Sangha, so if you see them, feel free to say hello and let them know of any joys or concerns.

Margaret Wallace

Linda Howerton-Pritchett
Treasurer, Director

Bill Coffin

Cory Bytof
Chairman, Board of Directors

Veta Jacqulin

Barbara McHugh

Mary Kelly

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